NSW Government Rules

updated -11/10/21

ALL Party Charters NOW OPEN


As from Monday 11 October 2021, we are officially OPEN !!!

COVID restrictions still apply which include:

  • MUST register via QR code when boarding
  • Anyone ILL or been in contact with a person with FLUE LIKE SYMPTOMS… may not board.

Regarding numbers, at this stage we are still slightly down on MAX CAPACITY… although we expect this to change over before 01 Nov…

If you have a Party booked, please keep an eye on our website for updated Capacity numbers.

Any questions, please send us a quick email and we will get back to you ASAP.


The link below explains NSW Gov restrictions regarding Vaxed v’s Non-VAXED people.


NSW Transport – updated 11/10/21

COVID-19 General Boating

Commercial vessels operating in the general area and being used to transport passengers commercially for scuba diving, snorkelling or marine animal watching can have up to 50 people on-board.

This does not include touring or hosting functions (such as harbour, river or lake cruises with a lunch or dinner package).

Cruises and hosted events on boats will be treated the same way as other function centres and restaurants.

  • If you are taking people out as a retail operation (i.e. a lunch cruise open to the public) you are classified as a restaurant and the people you can have on board is capped at 20 adults.
  • If you are running a private function, the 20-people cap doesn’t apply

In either case above, you still need to maintain a distance of 4 square metres per person indoors and 2 square metres per person outdoors. Remember, when calculating available space, any areas not open to the public (the bridge, the kitchen etc.) should not be part of the available space.

You will also need a COVID Safety Plan and sign-in procedures and you may only accept vaccinated guests.